With our own workshop for the production of solutions for hydraulic and pneumatic machinery, we can reduce downtime in your equipment in the best and most efficient way.

We also have our own production of customer-specific equipment, in addition to providing maintenance and a service workshop

We produce both prototypes and actual production lines, which benefits you as our customer, as we are not dependent on supplier shipments and are self-sufficient in most of our services. As a result, we can respond quickly in case of any problems.

We also always maintain a close dialogue between development and assembly, as all our staff are under the same roof. This helps to avoid misunderstandings, as the short distance between departments means that any confusion can be quickly cleared up. That means we can rapidly produce an optimum system that is tailored to your specific conditions and requirements.

Planned maintenance tasks are usually carried out at the customer’s premises, but sometimes special or innovative solutions are required, which we produce at our own production facilities in Albertslund.

In our own production we undertake, for example:

  • Main repair of equipment
  • Refurbishments, with replacement of wear parts, cylinders, valves, etc.
  • Modification and alteration of the products, for example installing a different motor, another size of pump, or simply optimising the installation
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic solutions that require special consideration and production
  • Preparation of pressure tests
  • Special engineering tasks.

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