Hydraulic vs electric pitch

Pros and cons of hydraulic pitch systems

Why should you use hydraulic pitch systems in wind turbines? Here are some of the pros:

  • Reliable because it is a known technology used in close to 50 % of all turbines
  • Robust because of the low component sensitivity to environment
  • Available because statistics show few stops due to the hydraulic system
  • Simple due to the low number of components
  • Highly integrated because most components are assembled and tested integrated in manifolds and the power unit
  • Safe because one error does not lead to the loss of safety and the one error is detected and no electrical power is required for emergency stop

The user of hydraulic pitch systems must build a technical organization in order to acquire the necessary knowledge on:

  • How to build a sufficiently clean workshop
  • Maintenance of hydraulic systems
  • How to control hydraulic systems