test rig

Time and cost saving test rig for training and R&D purposes

In 2017 was Fritz Schur Energy approached by Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group with an enquiry for a test rig. The solution ended up having numerous benefits.

The challenge

Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group (SEWPG) had a need to create a mechanical test rig including a control system, which could meet the requirements of:

  • 1:1 test and development of the control system logic
  • 1:1 test under true load conditions
  • Comparison between measurement and simulation data
  • Test of sophisticated hydraulic pitch control principles
  • Training

The solution

In 2017 Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group (SEWPG) approached Fritz Schur Energy with an enquiry for a test rig, which could be used for training and R&D purposes. SEWPG was keen on further strengthening their already strong competences in hydraulics and pitch control.

During preliminary meetings, the overall outline was finished, and the project was initiated. In 2018, after intensive work by the engineering team at Fritz Schur Energy, the result was shipped from Denmark to China and together with SEWPG the installation and commissioning was finished.

The result

The new mechanical test rig has already proven its worth at SEWPG and today the test rig is often used providing benefits of:

  • Less time in turbines in debugging and installation
  • Optimized software
  • Replay of problematic behavior in turbines

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