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Hydraulic system solution for salmon farm in Norway

Fritz Schur Teknik and hydraulics is a great match and we have been devoted to the world of hydraulics for more than 30 years. We offer a wide range of hydraulic solutions ranging over many different segments. We create customized solutions world wide for the wind industry and general industry. We have strong production facilities in both Denmark and China as well as offices in Denmark, China and the US.

The challenge

In 2017 we where asked to help with a complex hydraulic project concerning a salmon farm in Norway.

Our many years of experience delivering state of the art solutions at competitive prices was a key factor in the decision of choosing Fritz Schur Teknik as the supplier for this solution.

The solution

As a main supplier of critical hydraulic components, the task required both deep technical understanding of the specific parts as well as the overall project to ensure the customer’s satisfaction with the work.

Fritz Schur Teknik took the role as supervisor for the assembly process of the hydraulics which was done in China to support the Chinese workers who connected all hydraulics parts and system solutions delivered by Fritz Schur Teknik. Both parts and system where done at our workshop in Denmark. Besides manufacturing both the parts and system solutions Fritz Schur Teknik also played a crucial role in regards to the technical design and documentation.

The result

The assembly was done in China in May/June 2017 and finished with tests in Norway in February 2018.

The salmon farm operates at 155 meters below the surface in Frajå, Norway and is performing in accordance with the initial project description and criteria.

“ The project was complex but also very interesting and we had to put a number of our competencies in play both technical competencies and project management skills. Luckily, we have a long experience from previous solutions which proved very beneficial to us in this case. All in all, it was a successful project and we managed to create a unique solution that was satisfactory to the customer. And that’s what its all about”.

Tais Sørensen, Fritz Schur Teknik, Project Manager

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